Technology Outsourcing Solution

Company information

TOS, with the persistent effort, will provide quality products and services.
Through this, TOS aims to grow togeter with custormers.


TOS, as a Global Technology Solution Provider, provides excellent services including controls, measurements, modulations, and systematization of semiconductors, LEDs, and OLEDs.

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to TOS. We are facing an inflection point associated with massive changes and advancements in the current semiconductor and OLED markets due to the enormous development of AI and IoT technologies, increased demand of data centers, and expansion of the general semiconductor industry resulting from the development of autonomous vehicle and other semiconductor related technologies.

Since TOS was founded in 2001, we have obtained skills and technologies through disassembling and assebling numerous semiconductor and LED equipment. Equipped with these advaced skills and technologies, TOS's mission is to satisfy customers' needs and ultimately to become an industry-leading company.

TOS will provide quality producs and services from the customer's perspective and eventually constribute to our society. TOS will always be with the customers and expect and appreciate their contined support for the future.

Thank you very much.