Technology Outsourcing Solution

Company information

TOS, with the persistent effort, will provide quality products and services.
Through this, TOS aims to grow togeter with custormers.

Management Philosophy

TOS strives to become the most trustworthy company and
contribute to the future society through technical innotations.

  • Manufacturing
    Competitiveness Enhancement

    Quality system management improvement
    Supplier management improvement

  • Sales Augmentation

    New technology commercialisation
    Customer expansion

  • Core Technology Extraction

    R&D human resources management
    Promoting communcations with customers

  • Positive Corporate
    Culture Cultivation

    Promoting open communication
    Fostering mutual respect


끊임없는 기술 개발을 통해 새로운 제품을 창조하는 Global Solution Provider


Global Solution Provider to create
new products thorough continuous technology development

Quality Policy

TOS, setting quality management and customer satisfaction as the basic policies,
establishes and operates a quiality management system. To do so, TOS people always practice the action guidelines.


Work with the fundamental concept of "No Spec No Work


Keep the processes(rules)
in evey way


Amend the old processes
and create the new, improved ones.


Operate active quality
for customer satisfaction